Couples often ask and think whether Oran sex is the right form of pleasuring your partner? Is it ethical? It is also believed that marriage should be honored and the marriage bed be kept pure. Sex of all types is designed specifically for married couples. Non-married couples are not to practice it before getting married.

 Some sexual principles can be considered

Mutual Consent 

It indicates that sexual activity should be mutually agreed upon. It should happen with the consent of both persons.

Adultery is Sin

Adultery is considered sin, even if both people in a marriage relationship agree to it.

Viewing Pornography is a Sin 

Pornography viewed alone or together as a couple is sin.

Is Oral Sex a Sin – Practically?

Practically it is very different from how it is perceived traditionally. In most western civilizations it is not considered a taboo nowadays. Many couples irrespective of age get indulged in this activity regularly. It can be said it is influenced by the movies with sex scenes. It was not permissible earlier to show such acts in movies.

But with modernization and the inclination of humans towards sexuality in movies, such activities are now part of cinema.

Movies have a large influence on masses and such content can have a lasting impact. Fans in many countries are crazy enough to imitate their heroes. So it is almost next to impossible to comment on whether Oral Sex a sin? Or to comment on its ethics.