In any country, the film industry is one of the most loved and followed industry. There is a high amount of glamour associated with it. Fans are tending to follow or in some cases imitate their movie stars. This is true to a level that their character is also judged publicly. This makes it imperative for modern filmmakers to make films that are culturally relevant in a particular country.

In some countries, fans love and follow the porn stars similarly to the actors working in commercial cinema.

Movies are enjoyed by people of all cast creed ethnic origin and age. That is why movies with family-oriented content are most like commonly across the globe. With the paradigm shift in culture, more people who follow cinema have enlarged their horizons in watching movies. Hollywood movies are accepted and followed in most parts of the world.

Now even fans from totally conservative societies have started to like socially and sexually relevant content in a film. But still Movies Sex is banned and prohibited in many countries.

They believe it is potent to destroy the fundamental principles of their society and culture

We can hardly comment on this notion because in a world of more than eight billion human beings diversity is inevitable. So it is the censor board and acceptability of the people of a nation that determines whether Movies sex is legitimate or illegitimate?

The filmmakers need to understand the acceptance of fans in a country while making a movie but are not their responsibility to enhance the horizon of issues on which the films are made?